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New Gallup Poll: Majority of Americans Say Religion Is an Important Part of Their Lives

A recent survey conducted by Gallup concludes that religion is still very much an important part of America’s social fabric.

Based on data from more than Sacrament Meeting cropped320,000 interviews conducted by Gallup between 2 January and 30 November of this year, the study concludes that seven out of 10 Americans report being moderately or very religious. According to the study, this means that the participants attend religious services regularly or view religion as an important part of their daily lives, or both.

Out of all the religious denominations included, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints emerged as the most religious of any specific religious group in America.

Other findings include that the percentage of Americans who do not have a specific religious identity has increased. According to Gallup analysts, the findings suggest that religion will continue to play an influential role in American life in the years ahead even if the methods of religious expression and worship change.

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