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Statement From the Church’s Pacific Area Presidency

The Pacific Area Presidency of the Church released a statement on the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit  Christchurch, New Zealand, Tuesday afternoon:

"We are deeply concerned for the people of Christchurch at this time. Many have lost their lives due to Tuesday’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake. We extend our love and sympathy to families and individuals who are grieving. We are grateful for and marvel at the courageous leadership of Mayor Bob Parker, his fellow council officers and all others engaged in the difficult task of rescuing those still trapped in buildings. This is in addition to all they are doing to manage other aspects of the disaster response. Many other churches, organizations and individual volunteers are reaching out to neighbours and others to identify urgent needs and do what can be done to provide medical aid and to bring relief and comfort to those who are suffering. Our own Church's leaders and members are busy assessing needs and resources among our own faith community, as well as reaching out to our neighbours and friends in Christchurch communities. We are grateful for the inspiring and unwearying leadership of Maurice McDonald, president of the Christchurch New Zealand Stake. He and other Church leaders in Christchurch are not only taking care of their own families but also supporting many other individuals and families. We in the Pacific Area Presidency, along with many others throughout New Zealand and overseas, continue to pray for those who are grieving the loss of loved ones; for those who are injured and suffering; for the elderly and children who are especially traumatized; for Civil Defense, rescue and medical workers, and for all others impacted by yesterday's earthquake. We invite members of our Church to join with us and those of other faiths to pray to God with all of our might that lives may be saved, wounds healed, hearts comforted and families united in safety. As a church bearing the name of Jesus Christ, we will continue to do as the Saviour would have us do. We will work with government and other groups to bring help, healing and hope to those affected by this disaster."

Pacific Area Presidency

Elder Tad R. Callister
Elder James J. Hamula
Elder Brent H. Nielson

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