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Mormonism Online: In Your Own Words | 10 October 2014

In Your Own Words is a regular sampling of online articles, blog posts and social media that represent some of the current conversations about Mormonism. The posts in this series do not necessarily represent the views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nor are they meant to be a comprehensive summary of the online conversations about the Church. The intent is to highlight social media content from individuals that will help journalists and the public better understand Mormonism.


Meet the Mormons Hits Theaters

“Meet the Mormons” is a documentary-style feature film produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and it is playing in 300-plus theaters across the U.S. starting today. The Internet has been abuzz with comments about the movie since the premiere was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, on Tuesday, 7 October:

Watch the video from @shaycarl here:

"Telling the press that "Meet the Mormons" was one of the most inspiring movies I've ever seen. It's true. #sharegoodness #meetthemormons" @nieniedialogues

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles attended the premiere on Tuesday and shared their thoughts via Twitter:

The filmmakers and the families featured in “Meet the Mormons” spent the week talking to media about their involvement with the film.

"What a fun day hanging out with superstar Blair Treu, Writer and Director of Meet the Mormons. He is such a class act and it has been a blessing to call him friend. ♡" @dawnandcraig

Comedian and “Meet the Mormons” host, Jenna Kim Jones, reacts to the Spanish voice-over of her interview.


Also this week, David Archuleta’s new single, “Glorious,” which is featured in “Meet the Mormons,” reached 1 million views on YouTube.

Now that "Meet the Mormons" has been released in theaters, people have started posting their own reactions to the film on social media:

"Saw the first showing of "Meet the Mormons" Such a feel good movie! Don't forget to bring your Kleenexes" @rrcramer

"On the town with my lady #hotdate #nyc #meetthemormons #movie #timesquare #fezywig" @erikorton

"We met the Mormons and we love them. Beautiful documentary with touching stories. A must see. #meetthemormons #sharegoodness #mormon #lds" @bronwidge

"Top right corner = proof that they showed Meet the Mormons in Houston. So grateful that it's showing in theaters here, it was such a good movie! #meetthemormons" @allie_jane

"Needed an uplifting afternoon - figured this would do the trick. #meetthemormons #lds #mormon #sharegoodness" @nursejenne

A group of bloggers coordinated posts this week about what the Mormon faith means to them and explained this about the film:

We are excited to team up,  65+ of us strong… to extend an invitation to see a film. A film entitled “Meet The Mormons”.  This film is not meant to be an “in your face” – you must join our church film. It is simply designed and produced to uplift and inspire you through six stories of those of our faith who have followed promptings to follow Christ more fully in their lives.


To find out if "Meet the Mormons" is playing in a theater near you, visit

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