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Mormonism in the News: Getting It Right | September 21

Mormonism News Getting Right

Today’s “Getting It Right” features a video from PBS that includes comments that Mormons believe in Christ, the Bible and modern revelation; a brief primer on Mormon beliefs from the Los Angeles Times, and a story from WWLTV in Louisiana about 1,000 Mormons who volunteered to gut homes after Hurricane Isaac.

PBS Religion & Ethics Newsweekly: Mormons believe in Christ, the Bible and modern revelation

In a seven-minute piece about Mormons and Evangelicals, PBS correspondent Lucky Severson includes sources who correctly say that Mormons believe in Jesus Christ, the Bible and modern revelation. Another source’s comment reflects the importance of education in the lives of Latter-day Saints.

“If Christian defines what is your relationship to Jesus — do you believe that salvation comes through Jesus, do you worship Jesus Christ — then no doubt Mormons are Christian,” says Patrick Mason, chair of Mormon studies at Claremont Graduate University. (See “Christianity: Following Jesus in Word and Deed” for more information.)

Stephen Davis of Claremont McKenna College points out Mormons’ belief in continuing revelation and that, in addition to the Bible, Latter-day Saints “have three other books — the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price and a book called Doctrine and Covenants.” (See “Divine Revelation in Modern Times” for more information.)

Richard Mouw of the Fuller Theological Seminary notes Mormons’ focus on education, saying the Mormons have a “world-class university. They have scholars who consider all kinds of complex topics. … Mormonism has pretty much entered into the mainstream of intellectual life.” (See “Mormons and Education: An Overview” for more information.)

Los Angeles Times: A brief primer about Mormon beliefs

Los Angeles Times writer Mitchell Landsberg touches on several important points in a short Q-and-A about Mormon beliefs.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a global faith, Landsberg notes, with more than half of its 14.5 million members outside the United States. Landsberg also correctly says that, in addition to the Book of Mormon and other scripture, Mormons also believe in the Bible.

Landsberg also references the Church’s belief in Jesus Christ and mentions its lay ministry and 55,000-plus missionary program. She also correctly says Mormons do not practice polygamy.

Our Mormonism 101:FAQ contains more information about Mormons’ basic beliefs.

WWLTV (Louisiana): 1,000 Mormons volunteer to gut homes after Hurricane Isaac

Maya Rodriquez of Louisiana’s WWLTV reports that 1,000 Mormon Helping Hands volunteers from all over the southeast United States have traveled to southeast Louisiana in the past two weeks to help homeowners deal with Hurricane Isaac's aftermath.

One Latter-day Saint’s comment describing why he volunteered reflects the ineffable beauty of Christian service. “It's just something you feel,” he says. “I can't explain it. I knew I had to come here.”

Rodriquez says these volunteers, dressed in familiar yellow T-shirts and vests, gutted some 700 homes and will continue to work for at least one more weekend.

In addition to Mormon Helping Hands volunteers, the Church has many other resources to help those in need. See to read about the broader scope of the Church’s humanitarian aid and welfare services

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