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Mormonism in the News: Getting It Right | October 19

Mormonism News Getting Right

Today we feature stories that highlight charitable giving, volunteerism and military service from several news outlets.

FOX 9 (Idaho):

Jennifer Auh with Fox 9 in Boise reports on the Boise Idaho Temple open house — a period of time when the temple, newly renovated, is open to the public for tours. She correctly explains that all are welcomed and invited to visit during the open house. Once the temple is in service only those “in good standing” can enter. Auh correctly notes that temples are our most sacred places, a “place for special worship,” ordinances, eternal marriages and personal peace. 

Learn more about temples by linking to: Public Invited to Tour Boise Idaho TempleOf Chapels and Temples: Explaining Mormon Worship Services and Mormon Temples: A Conversation with a Church Leader

KHAS-TV (Nebraska):

This article features interviews with local Nebraskans on “fact and fiction” of Mormonism in light of heightened interest in the faith during this election cycle. Various members clarify that Mormons believe in and worship Christ, welcome visitors to Sunday services, and are, in essence, “just normal school teachers and doctors and dentists and neighbors.” The article accurately conveys that the Church is strictly politically neutral and “and does not endorse parties, candidates or platforms.”

More information on the basic beliefs of Mormonism can be found at’s Mormonism 101: FAQ page. You can also view a whiteboard animation that further explains the Church's position on political neutrality

City Journal:

Distinguished Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University, Joel Kotkin, offers an informed view of Mormons and their community that he says, are characterized by “education, ambition, and charitable giving” which may be in contrast to perceptions of some religious groups and a global population (with the majority of its membership residing outside the United States).

Kotkin notes that Mormons on average enjoy higher levels of education, charitable giving and wealth than the national average and concludes that “Mormons aren’t the wide-eyed, naive people of stereotype; they’re increasingly cosmopolitan and sophisticated,” noting several examples of varied but prominent political Mormons.

See infographic on Church volunteerism by linking to: Mormon Volunteerism Highlighted in New Study

Las Vegas Sun: Mormon youth in Nevada collect supplies to donate to charities

The Las Vegas Sun featured the service of about 700 Mormon teenagers who dedicated a day of service to a community project. In an effort to serve and strengthen the community, as well as be “good citizens,” the Mormon youth managed to “in four hours …. [make] 82 pillowcases, 250 wooden toys, 500 beaded toy geckos and six quilts. They also collected 1,600 books and 500 cans of food. Those toys and goods will be donated to charities in Southern Nevada and abroad.”

The View: Mormons Serve in the Military

In a recent interview on the TV talk show, The View, Ann Romney correctly clarified that Mormons participate in military service. While the age range for missionary service and military service can sometimes be in conflict, many Mormons have found and continue to find ways to serve both their faith and their countries.

For more details regarding Mormons and military service link to: Military Service.

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