News Release

Missionary Work Suspended in Ivory Coast

Political unrest in the Ivory Coast has prompted The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to suspend its missionary activities in the West African country until further notice.

A disputed presidential election has led to widespread violence in the Ivory Coast during the last few months, leaving hundreds of people dead. There are no reports of deaths or injuries among Latter-day Saints in the country, and all missionaries are reported safe.

The Church moved all missionaries who are not native Ivorians out of the Ivory Coast in December. Non-Ivorian missionaries have been evacuated to the nearby countries of Benin and Togo, with the mission president operating from Togo. Ivorian missionaries have been given temporary leave to return to their homes or to stay with local members until it is safe to resume missionary activities.

Over a million Ivorians, including many Church members, have fled the violence by taking refuge in rural villages or fleeing to Ghana, Liberia, Benin or Togo. Where possible, Latter-day Saint refugees are being cared for by local Church leaders and members.

There are more than 15,600 Mormons in the Ivory Coast; the first missionaries arrived in 1988. There are 44 Latter-day Saint congregations in the country.

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