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Floyd Rose — Spanish-Speaking Branch President, Gilroy, California

He didn’t have the totals calculated when asked, but Floyd Rose, 54, a resident of Gilroy, California, quickly tallied the number of times he’s moved — 11 — and the number of callings or assignments he’s held in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) during those moves — 23.

For Rose — husband, father of four, grandfather of six and computer industry specialist — moving from place to place never slackens the pace of service in the Church.

“There’s always a base Church family any place you move,” Rose says. “When you arrive at a new location you find a set of people who receive you with open arms and help you through the challenges of relocating. And there is always a need and a place you can step in and be of service in that ward family.”

Rose began serving as a young man of 12 in his priesthood quorum leadership and presently serves as a branch president in the San Benito Spanish-speaking branch some 30 miles from his California home. There he meets with members using his second language, acquired on his two-year mission to Barcelona, Spain, more than 30 years ago. “It took a bit of work to knock the dirt off my language skills, but now I can communicate as I interact with the members of the branch,” Rose explains. “It’s amazing to see how I can once again move between two languages and two cultures and be helpful to others.”

Brushing up his years-old missionary language is one of what Rose calls his “tools of service.”

“It’s a great opportunity to serve in the Church, but you don’t always come with a full tool kit for the job you’ve been asked to do,” the longtime Church member says. “There are so many different skills to acquire — spiritual, logistical, communication, planning — and often these skills are outside your personal ‘tool box,’ your normal comfort levels. Sometimes you quickly understand what is required; other times you struggle and make mistakes before you learn how to effectively function. That learning helps you serve in your current assignment, but it also adds to the tools you collect for use in your next assignment.”

Rose counts his wealth of experience in Church service as a “tool” for everyday living. “It’s such a blessing to serve in the Church. I’m convinced that any success we’ve enjoyed as a family can be attributed to our willingness to serve whenever we are asked. It’s not always easy, but that’s how we learn and grow.”

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