Faiths Come Together to Help the Homeless

Faiths Come Together to Help the Homeless

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Mormons, Catholics and Seventh-day Adventists brought their best efforts to load and set up 200 mattresses and bed frames into the new Pope Francis Haven House built by Catholic Charities in the Spokane Valley.

LDS Charities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints provided the mattresses and frames, and women in the faith’s local Relief Society made pillowcases.


The semi-truck of beds arrived the afternoon of July 20, and members of the Catholic Charities maintenance team wanted to get started on what looked like a very big task. Less than an hour later, carloads of volunteers rolled in to unload the truck. Within 30 minutes the semi-truck was unloaded, and in an hour, all the beds were assembled in each bedroom of the housing complex.

From an article in The Spokesman Review, Latter-day Saint Cheloye Penwell, community service director for the Spokane Washington Valley Stake (similar in size to a diocese), called Catholic Charities in early June asking how they could help with the new housing complex for the homeless.

Monique Kolonko, Catholic Charities’ executive vice president of stabilization and housing, said they had no mattresses or bed frames. Penwell took the project from there and asked the LDS Charities to assist. “We had six days to put this together,” she said.

Geoff Julian, president of the Spokane Valley Stake, said helping homeless families through humanitarian efforts is part of the Church’s mission. “It is set up to follow the message of our Savior, Jesus Christ.”

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