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Church Volunteers Assist in Canadian Flood Recovery

CTV Lethbridge produced the following story about missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helping with recovery efforts following June’s severe flooding in southern Alberta, Canada.

In the video, one missionary describes why Church members want to assist those they’ve never met: “We want to help others. We want to be like Jesus Christ.”

Missionaries and other members of the Church have assisted with relief efforts, working in cooperation with government agencies and other relief organizations. Church volunteers helped distribute food and clothing to those affected by the disaster and are now helping many with clean up, forming volunteer work crews to help residents with flooded homes prepare to rebuild.

Canada Flood MHH

Church volunteers work to clear debris from homes after massive flooding in southern Alberta. Photo Courtesy Scott Wolff.

Disaster specialists estimate that it takes 10 workers between eight to 10 hours to completely clear one basement. Church members have donated cleaning kits and essential items used to clean and clear out flooded homes, including masks, goggles, rubber gloves, pumps, brooms, shovels, crowbars and other items.

For more, see Canada’s Mormon Newsroom.

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