Child Abuse

Child abuse is a heinous crime. Children are among the greatest gifts of God, and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that children should be lovingly nurtured and protected. We abhor and condemn child abuse or mistreatment of any type.

The Church has established a number of programs to assist its local leaders in preventing abuse and in caring for victims. Whenever abuse occurs, the Church seeks to protect victims and help them heal. Wherever possible, the Church also assists perpetrators to begin the difficult process of reforming their lives. Church leaders who become aware of abuse have around-the-clock access to a help line staffed by professional counselors. Extensive training materials have been produced and distributed to local congregations. Sensitivity for the child victim and compliance with reporting requirements are major emphases of all training and response."

For detailed information on the Church's response and policies relating to this major social problem, click here.

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