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2013 Statistical Report for 2014 April General Conference

News Release — 5 April 2014

The First Presidency has issued the following statistical report of the Church as of 31 December 2013.

Technology, Social Media Expand 
General Conference Worldwide Reach

News Release — 2 April 2014

While more than 100,000 individuals are anticipated in the live audience in the Conference Center for the 184th Annual General Conference this weekend, millions will view or listen to the five scheduled conference sessions in 94 languages via television, radio, satellite and Internet broadcasts.

Mormonism in the News: Getting it Right |
1 April 2014

Blog Post — 1 April 2014

This Getting It Right features Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple coverage and a Real Clear Religion essay about how Mormonism is a multicultural and inclusive faith.

Angel Moroni Now Tops
The Provo City Center Temple

Photo Essay — 31 March 2014

Construction workers have placed a 13-foot statue of the angel Moroni on the Provo City Center Temple, marking another milestone for the transformation of the former Provo Tabernacle into a temple. The statue is on the center tower 160 feet from the ground.

Mormonism in Pictures: Church Hosts Inaugural General Women’s Meeting

Photo Essay — 30 March 2014

Hundreds of thousands of women, young women and girls 8 years old and above gathered around the world on Saturday, 29 March 2014, for the inaugural general women’s meeting of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

From United Kingdom Mormon Newsroom

Young singles attend dedication of new building in Manchester

News Release — 28 March 2014

Sunday afternoon 16th March saw the dedication of the new Young Single Adult Building in Manchester, England by Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve. The 5 storey facility was full from the cultural hall on the top floor to the baptismal font area in the basement, bursting with 570 in attendance and around 100 non-member friends of the young adults.

Why Religion Matters: The Twinned Life of Family and Faith

Commentary — 28 March 2014

The fortunes of family and faith will continue to ebb and flow, as they have in various periods throughout history, but experience shows they will do so joining hands. As the one rises or falls, so will the other. But the course of history is not predetermined; it is chosen. And those choices have long trajectories.

Mormon Auxiliary Leaders Prepare for General Women’s Meeting

News Release — 26 March 2014

Women leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will host the first-ever general women’s meeting at the Conference Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The general women’s meeting is for women, young women, and girls 8 years old and older.

Fort Lauderdale Florida Mormon Temple
Opens to Visitors

News Release — 26 March 2014

The Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will open for free public tours beginning Saturday, 29 March, and extending through 19 April 2014, excluding Sundays.

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