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“New and Improved” LDS.org Now Fully Live

In September, Newsroom published a story about new.lds.org — a new version of one of the Church’s primary websites that, until now, has been in test form. Beginning today, new.lds.org becomes the official LDS.org.

Archbishop Alex J. Brunett Receives Family Values Award

Archbishop Alex J. Brunett of the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle received the Family Values Award from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Archbishop Brunett was recognized for his outstanding outreach and support to families during his 13 years of leadership.

Research on Religion Podcast Discusses Volunteer Participation Within the Church

As The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grows worldwide, public interest in the Church expands as well. This means increased attention not only from journalists, bloggers and opinion leaders, but from scholarly circles as well.

23 November Performance at Conference Center Theater Cancelled Due to Winter Storm

The Tuesday, 23 November, performance of Savior of the World has been cancelled because of the impending winter snowstorm. In the interest of public safety and in response to the call from civil authorities to limit travel during the impending weather system, tonight’s performance of Savior of the World at the LDS Conference Center has been cancelled. 

Context and Controversy

Were KUTV and other media justified in drawing attention to updated language in that one section? Of course. Was it presented in proper context and with the correct interpretation? Hardly. We all know that journalists will look for what they find “newsworthy,” but highly selective and misleading reporting is a disservice to the readers and viewers of KUTV as much as it is to the subject being covered.

Major Study of Religion Has Much to Say About Mormons

An important 2010 study of religion in America has, among other things, a good deal to say about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Context on AOL Story Regarding Haiti Chapel

This weekend, an AOL article reported that Haitians displaced by flooding caused by Hurricane Tomas were not allowed shelter in a Church meetinghouse in Leogane, Haiti. The report of this event obviously describes an isolated aberration.

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