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President Henry B. Eyring Speaks at Dixie State College Convocation

The St. George Spectrum has a report on a speech given by President Henry B. Eyring at the Dixie State College convocation. The article notes that in his speech, President Eyring discussed the importance of getting an education:

Who Are the Mormons?

The Newsroom Web site is full of content useful to the news media and to bloggers, About a year ago the site featured a page called "Who Are the Mormons?" This is a sort of primer to acquaint those unfamiliar with the Church -- and particularly those who write about it -- with its beliefs, practices and people. If you're a blogger or a journalist writing about the Church, you might find this page useful for background and for linking.

Patrons Flocking to New Church History Library
Media Coverage of Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

A story posted on newsroom.lds.org Friday contains facts and photos from the cornerstone ceremony and the dedication of the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple. Numerous Utah media outlets reported on the event.

Response to Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan earlier this month, killing 141 people and leaving hundreds more missing. Roads to dozens of villages also remained blocked, and thousands of people are living in disaster relief shelters. It is the deadliest storm to hit Taiwan in 50 years.

GetReligion.org Provides Context to AP "Image" Story

Periodically on this blog we will link to other blog posts that are particularly insightful in helping the public better understand news stories about the Church. One such post was published yesterday on the GetReligion blog.

Welcome to the Newsroom Blog

The Public Affairs Department is pleased to announce the launch of the Newsroom Blog today with this first blog post. For nearly 10 years, Newsroom.lds.org has provided official news and information for journalists, opinion leaders and the public, and it will continue to do so.

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