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New Web Site for Washington DC Festival of Lights

This year marks the 32nd annual Festival of Lights at the Visitors' Center and grounds of the Washington D.C Temple.

Religion and Political Participation

"What role should religious leaders have -- or not have -- in government policymaking?" That was the question posed this week at On Faith, an online forum featuring a wide spectrum of religious experts who discuss important issues regarding the intersection of religion and public life.

Help Us Improve Newsroom.lds.org

For nearly a decade, the Newsroom Web site has provided journalists, and the public at large, with news and information about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Church Discusses Support of Nondiscrimination Ordinances on KSL's

Yesterday The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints declared its support of nondiscrimination regulations that would extend protection in matters of housing and employment in Salt Lake City to everyone.

The Gift of Mobility

The daily struggles of life are difficult even without the added challenge of a physical disability. The cover story of the 7 November Church News details "the gift of mobility" and how those who receive wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs due to the generosity of others gain hope for a better life.

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