“On Faith” Blog: Mormons - Coming to Terms With Similarities and Differences

Michael Otterson's "On Faith" blog post.

Correctly comprehending and respecting similarities and differences is crucial in a diverse society — especially with religion. Church Public Affairs managing director Michael Otterson is using his Washington Post “On Faith” blog space to respectfully begin exploring both the similarities and differences between Mormon belief and what is sometimes referred to as traditional Christianity.

This week, Otterson discusses the Trinity. Mormons believe God the Father; His Son, Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost are three separate beings, united in purpose and perfect harmony. While this belief is different than that of traditional Christianity, Otterson says, the common ground is the effect that Christ has in changing lives for the better.

“There should be no disagreement among Christians on the effect of Christ’s matchless life and redeeming sacrifice on all of us, His ability to draw out what is best in us and change what is worst.”

Read Otterson’s entire post at “On Faith.”

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