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News Story —  3 July 2008

Mormons Encouraged to Share Personal Perspectives Online to Explain Their Faith

The July edition of the Ensign, a monthly magazine distributed to English-speaking Church members, features an address given by Elder M. Russell Ballard, a member of the Church’s Quorum of Twelve Apostles. Elder Ballard encourages Church members to participate in the growing online discussion about the Church:

"There are conversations going on about the Church constantly. Those conversations will continue whether or not we choose to participate in them. But we cannot stand on the sidelines while others, including our critics, attempt to define what the Church teaches. While some conversations have audiences in the thousands or even millions, most are much, much smaller. But all conversations have an impact on those who participate in them. Perceptions of the Church are established one conversation at a time."

A set of guidelines and helps have been developed by the Public Affairs Department for Church members who wish to use the Internet to explain their religion to those of other faiths.

In the document, Latter-day Saints are encouraged to “share personal perspectives” to “explain the Church and what it’s like to be a member.”

Style Guide Note: When reporting about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please use the complete name of the Church in the first reference. For more information on the use of the name of the Church, go to our online style guide.

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