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Globe Gazette (Iowa): Mormons’ faith is centered on Jesus Christ

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is centered on Jesus Christ’s “atonement and love for us.” That’s the message Elder Addison Firth, a Mormon missionary serving in Mason City, Iowa, provides Globe Gazette reporter Mary Pieper in answer to her inquiry about common misconceptions others have of Mormons. Indeed, Jesus Christ is the object of Latter-day Saints’ devotion and worship. Pieper’s article also correctly notes that the Bible is an essential part of the Mormon scriptural canon.

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Houston Chronicle: The decision to be a Mormon missionary is personal

Chronicle reporter Jayme Fraser’s front-page story about the lower age requirements for Mormon missionaries focuses on two Latter-day Saints’ individual journeys in deciding whether to serve.

For Karin Ruiz, a 20-year-old Mormon from Humble, Texas, the decision came naturally after hearing President Thomas S. Monson’s 6 October 2012 announcement that women can now serve at age 19. Ruiz will soon serve in the Dominican Republic.

Michael Huntsman, an 18-year-old from The Woodlands, Texas, needed time to think about what to do. After President Monson announced that men have the option to serve at 18 if they have completed high school, several of Huntsman’s friends decided to be missionaries. He prayed and pondered about the best decision for him.

“I put all the pressure aside and asked myself if I really wanted to,” Huntsman says. “And I do.” Huntsman will serve in Chile.

“As teens decide whether to apply and as they prepare to leave,” Fraser writes, “the process … focuses on gauging individual strength of faith and resolving questions about future adult life. Once they arrive at one of the church’s 405 missions, it’s all about serving others.”

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Salt Lake Tribune: Church films Bible videos on three-acre replica of ancient Jerusalem

Goshen wide shot


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Bible videos are filmed on a three-acre replica of ancient Jerusalem, located in Goshen, Utah. The set, completed in 2011, is located 56 miles south of Salt Lake City in the middle of the rural countryside.

The Salt Lake Tribune writes about the set, noting, “Who needs Morocco when you’ve got biblical landscapes in Goshen, Utah?” The Tribune correctly says the set has also been used to film segments for Sunday School curriculum videos, online Mormon Messages videos and a music video for the Piano Guys.

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