Mormon Helping Hands Clean Up From Hurricane Isaac

Within days after Hurricane Isaac hit the Gulf Coast near New Orleans, hundreds of Mormon Helping Hands volunteers were in the impacted areas cleaning up.  This coming weekend, more than 1,000 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) from Florida, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana will arrive in the hardest-hit areas with needed supplies, tools, and hygiene kits. They will spend their days working alongside local residents helping them remove carpet, base-boards, sheet rock, and otherwise assist with the clean-up effort.

New Orleans television station WGNO covered the volunteer efforts of the Mormon Helping Hands. Watch WGNO’s story: Mormon Church helps clean up LaPlace after Isaac.

Local Church leaders expect volunteers will be necessary for the next two to three weekends to help homeowners.

According to Elder R. Randall Bluth, a member of the Church’s Seventy in the North America Southeast Area, it takes a crew of eight to ten people three hours to strip a home of carpet, baseboards and damaged sheetrock.

A local Baptist church has requested to help alongside Mormon Helping Hands in the Hurricane Isaac cleanup.

The Mormon Helping Hands program is just one part of the entire welfare and humanitarian plan of the Church. This worldwide outreach is to help Latter-day Saints become more self-sufficient and to help those of all faiths who need assistance.


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